Anupam Ghosh

Designation: Team Lead, Siemens Technology

Topic: FOSSology
Track: Open SOurce and You
Time: 11:45 – 12:15 PM
Date: 14th October 2017
Hall: 1

About Speaker:
Anupam has 12 years experience in IT industry and has worked various commercial and in-house open source products. He is associated with open source license compliance software Fossology for the last 4 years.

About Talk:
The goal of the FOSSology project is to provide open source license compliance software. As a framework it provides toolbox and web server application for examining software packages. Tool box can be used from a user friendly web interface or from command-line interface. A user can upload individual files or entire software packages. FOSSology will unpack this upload if necessary and run a chosen set of agents on every file of the upload. An particular agent does the analysis it is dedicated for and stores the findings in the database. User can use these findings for further analysis and modify those if required. Eg: License, copyright and export scanners are tools available to help with user’s compliance activities.
FOSSology as of now focuses on license relevant data. However, it could be extended with analyses for different purposes (e.g. static code analysis).

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