Build Enterprise Blockchain solutions with Hyperledger Fabric

Build Enterprise Blockchain solutions with Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain is a Revolution and next-generation internet. We haven’t had any technology to trust the system! But now we have Blockchain which is the only technology that brings TRUST. Join this workshop to learn Hyperledger Fabric to build Decentralized applications for enterprises. The workshop will help you Understand why & what is Blockchain and how to identify Blockchain potentials in your organization.

Murughan Palaniachari, Assitant Director, EY

Date: 17th October 2019

Time: 11:15 AM to 01:30 PM

Venue: Workshop Room 3, NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore.

Fee: Rs. 3999/- (Limited seats available)

Objective of the workshop

To learn Hyperledger Fabric and build Decentralized applications for enterprises

Who can attend this workshop?

Anyone who is interested in Blockchain development.

What all will be covered in the workshop

  • Blockchain Overview
  • Blockchain use cases.
  • Public (Ethereum) Vs Private Blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric)
  • Hyperledger Fabric Architecture, creating Assets and Transactions.
  • Identities with MSP & CA
  • Create Permissioned network for Supply Chain
  • Provision Peers, Orderer, Anchor & Endorser through Docker container.
  • Smart Contracts Chaincode in Node.js and Golang.
  • Hyperledger Fabric SDK.
  • Hyperledger Composer.
  • Build a decentralized Supply Chain application with IoT integration.

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees

  • Understand why & what is Blockchain.
  • How to identify Blockchain potentials in your organization.
  • Importance of Private & Permissioned Blockchain for enterprises.
  • Build Blockchain solutions for a business domain like Supply Chain, Health Care, Financial, Government, Insurance, Media, Energy Trading, Agriculture, IoT, and more use cases
  • Understanding of Hyperledger Fabric Architecture and components.
  • Learn to develop and deploy Smart Contracts.
  • Learn to build end-to-end decentralized Supply Chain application with IoT integration.

About Speaker

Murughan Palaniachari is a Developer, Speaker, Blogger, Trainer, DevOps Coach, and Blockchain Consultant. He has 12+ years of software development experience on multiple technology stacks. He has expertise in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Distributed Database, Ethereum, Solidity, DApps, and Hyperledger. He enables teams to practice Automated Testing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Learning, Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring, AWS and Azure Cloud.

Murughan Palaniachari
Assitant Director, EY


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