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Anupam Ghosh

    Name: Anupam Ghosh

    Designation: Team-Lead

    Company: Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited

    Topic of Talk: FOSSology and OSS-Tools for OSS License Compliance and Automation

    About the Talk:
    Today FOSS(free and open source software) is everywhere, many of our projects are build using OSS(open source software) components. In collaborative project development environment it is necessary to get an insight of what kind of licenses are used in a software package. The goal of FOSSology is to provide open source license compliance software: A user can upload individual files or entire software packages/distributions. FOSSology will unpack this upload and run a chosen set of analysis on every file of the upload. The development of the FOSSology is ongoing, this presentation introduces recent features of the software: Import of SPDX documents, editing the data and then generation of an updated SPDX document. The SPDX import enhancements have resulted in a completely new implementation of copyright statement handling. Moreover, FOSSology has added support for maintaining customizable license obligations and can generate these summarized by involved licenses in a detailed analysis report, REST API. We will also look into other OSS tools and initiatives those help in OSS compliance along with Fossology.

    About the Speaker:
    Anupam, is working as a Team-Lead at Siemens Technology and Services Ltd having 12 years of IT experience cutting across Embedded system, Telecom, Mobile Platform and Application development, and Machine Learning. He is also a core developer/maintainer of Fossology.

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