The WOW Factor

While our conference and workshops remain the key ingredient to make OSI an event worth your while—we have been attempting to add elements to make your visit hassle free and more importantly—a memorable experience. Here are a few that you should be aware about:

No Queues

Yes, at OSI, you can enter the conference centre and start attending sessions without having to stand in any queue. Thanks to self-printable badges that we provide to all online registrants, you can simply print them, insert them in a lanyard at the venue, and walk straight in.

Official App

Use our mobile app to get information about the tracks, conferences, workshops, speakers, exhibitors, etc. Plus, you can network with other delegates too!

Tea On The House

Irrespective of the level of your pass—coffee, tea and water are on the house at Open Source India.

Penguin Party

This is where all the brightest minds of Open Source get together for a party. It happens in the evening of the 1st day of OSI. We take participants (who have opted for this event) directly from OSI’s venue to the venue of the party.

Get Hunted

IT recruiters have realised that the open source community represents the best collection of out-of-box thinkers and problem-solvers. Thus, many are there at OSIto head-hunt you.

Win Contests

At OSI 2017, five of our exhibitors gave away gifts worth 10 lakhs (or more) through on-the-spot contests. Every year—the kitty just becomes bigger.

Selfie Zones

We want you to click your photos at OSI and then share them with your friends and family. To motivate you to do the same, we place innovative backdrops across the venue.

Community Corner

A special zone at OSI, where you can interact with volunteers of Open Source projects to not only find out–what are they up to but also how can you become a member of their community and contribute towards it.