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SODA Hackathon OSI 2021


The SODA Hackathon 2021 is an initiative to encourage people to contribute to Open Source projects, whether by fixing bugs, creating new features, testing the features or updating and writing documentation of core SODA Projects.

You will be working on core SODA Projects and you can contribute to these projects on Github by submitting Pull Requests (PR) or raising issues. For every PR and issue that is accepted, we will calculate the impact of the contribution by analyzing the scope of the work done.

The issues will be of varied difficulty levels right from beginner level. This is so that everyone can participate, irrespective of their experience with open source.

The detailed judging process will be described in the SODA Hackathon OSI 2021 Developers Guide which will be available on our community repository here. This will be available after 23rd September 2021.

The participants contributing will be eligible to win exciting prizes.

Please Note:

  1. Participants must be registered for SODA Hackathon OSI 2021. Click here to register now
  2. Participants must be registered for OSI 2021

Start Date: 27/09/2021 00:01 IST
End Date: 04/10/2021 23:59 IST
Results to be announced at the SODA Forum @ OSI Days.