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Setting up a Production-ready k8s ecosystem in 2 hrs from scratch

Setting up a Production-ready k8s ecosystem in 2 hrs from scratch

In this workshop, attendees will get a quick introduction about Kubernetes and how they can set up their production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure.

Prakarsh, Solutions Architect, Devtron Inc
Abhinav Dubey, DevOps Engineer, Devtron Inc

Date: 30th September 2022

Time: 03:15 PM to 06:30 PM

Venue: Workshop Room 2, NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore.

Fee: Rs. 2999/- (Limited seats available)

Who can attend this workshop?

Anyone who is interested in learning and planning to migrate their infrastructure to Kubernetes with the industry standard solutions.

What all will be covered in the workshop

The followings are the topics that would be covered in this workshop –

– Kickstart with Kubernetes, what and why?
– Intro to Kubernetes Objects & K8s Networking
– Kubernetes Infra Checklist
– Hands-on K8s Infra
     – Provisioning managed k8s cluster ( Eksctl / TF )
     – Provisioning self-managed K8s clusters ( KOps / Microk8s )
     – Installing Devtron
– Setting up Infra essentials (Hands-on)
   – Logging Stack (EFK)
   – Monitoring Stack (Prometheus + Grafana)
   – Cluster Autoscalers
   – Ingress controller
– Setting up CI/CD pipelines for your microservice (Hands-on)
   – Create CI/CD pipelines using Devtron
   – Configuring and deploying your microservice
   – Configure Ingress
   – Configure autoscaling (CPU/RAM/External metrics)
   – Making your microservice production ready

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees

Understanding on how to setup a production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure.


A Ubuntu/Macintosh laptop, Windows with putty configured

IMPORTANT: This is a BYOD workshop. Attendees need to bring their own Laptop to try the hands-on instructions.

About Speakers

Prakarsh is a Solutions Architect at Devtron with a focus on designing and implementing unique solutions leveraging cloud-native technology and building highly scalable systems. He has helped organizations adopt Kubernetes and improve their deployment pipelines. He is also an active contributor and maintainer of open source Devtron project. ( which is a tool integration platform for Kubernetes which deeply integrates multiple industry standard tools for implementation of GitOps, access management, monitoring, CI/CD, security policies, and much more.

Abhinav is an Open Source Enthusiast having deep interests in DevOps and Cloud Computing. He started his open-source journey right from the beginning of his University and presently working as a DevOps Engineer and one of the contributors and maintainers of an open-source platform called Devtron.
He is always eager to learn new tech stacks and share his learning with others. He is also a technophile, exploring the Ocean of technology and helping others to get into the Ocean and float over the surface by documenting his works, writing technical blogs, and talking in different meet-ups & online events on different tech platforms.


Prakarsh, Solutions Architect, Devtron Inc


Abhinav Dubey, DevOps Engineer, Devtron Inc