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With Cloud Native Java, 'java -jar myapp.jar = CI + GitOps'

With Cloud Native Java, 'java -jar myapp.jar = CI + GitOps'

Despite adopting Kubernetes, many companies haven’t increased their developer productivity. Adopting a cloud native toolchain made from DroneCI, ArgoCD and a Git solution will enable simpler, faster and more consistent Java application deployments to the cloud.

Kamesh Sampath, Director of Developer Advocacy, Harness

Date: 30th September 2022

Time: 11:45 AM to 2:00 PM

Venue: Workshop Room 3, NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore.

Fee: Rs. 2999/- (Limited seats available)

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*Attend this workshop to get 100% cash back on the amount that you have paid for this specific workshop. Offer only applicable to working professionals. The fee will be refunded within 7 days after attending the workshop.

Who can attend this workshop?

Anyone who knows Java, Kubernetes and want to learn how to do efficient CI/CD(GitOps)

What all will be covered in the workshop

– Introduction
– Deploy ArgoCD from Helm charts
– Installation and configuration of entire “DRAG Stack” following the “App of Apps” pattern
– Modifying Drone and Nexus components of the DRAG App of Apps configuration and seeing them deployed
– Making the Nexus Docker registry available internally in the cluster
– Creating a full CI/CD pipeline for a Java app managed by ArgoCD following GitOps workflow
– Implement Chaos Engineering with LitmusChaos for the Java app

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees

How to do CI and CD in the Cloud Native World
Benefits building Container Native Application
Why we should split CI and CD when building applications for cloud
Learn the right tool chain Drone CI, Argo CD with Kubernetes and unleash their powers and capabilities


– A Laptop with latest Chrome Browser
– Docker for Desktop Mac/Windows/Linux(nice to have)

Registrant are encouraged to attend the tech talk in DevOps track by Kamesh Sampath, Director of Developer Advocacy, Harness

IMPORTANT: This is a BYOD workshop. Attendees need to bring their own Laptop to try the hands-on instructions.

About Speakers

An Author, Consultant and Developer Advocate;

Kamesh is a Director of Developer Advocacy at As part of his role he actively educates developers on Kubernetes/OpenShift, Cloud Native CI/CD, Servicemesh, and Serverless technologies. With a career spanning close to two decades, with the services industry he has helped various enterprise customers build Java-based solutions. Kamesh has been an active Open Source contributor for more than decade. Kamesh is also Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud (Kubernetes).


Kamesh Sampath, Director of Developer Advocacy, Harness