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Event-Driven Microservices: Challenges and Strategies

Event-Driven Microservices: Challenges and Strategies

Modern-day apps are designed for web scale. Event-Driven Microservices are increasingly becoming the mainstay in the designers’ toolkit. However, it is not that easy to move from synchronous microservices to asynchronous event-driven services. The objective of this workshop is to throw light on the practical challenges involved in it and strategies to overcome them.

Krishna Mohan Koyya, Proprietor & Principal Consultant, Glarimy Technology Services, Bengaluru, India

Date: 30th September 2022

Time: 03:15 PM to 06:30 PM

Venue: Workshop Room 1, NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore.

Fee: Rs. 2999/- (Limited seats available)

Who can attend this workshop?

Developers and architects with an understanding of microservices.

What all will be covered in the workshop

  • Defining Event-Driven Architecture
  • Introducing Event-Driven Microservices
  • Platforms, Patterns and Tools
  • Challenges
  • Strategies
  • Capstone

Benefits/Takeaways of this workshop for the attendees

  • The attendees will be able to design and implement event-driven microservices
  • The attendees will be able to make event-driven microservices reliable and scalable
  • The attendees will be able to apply modern patterns in inter-service collaboration using events

Prerequisites to attend the workshop
– Java 8+ Programming
– Apache Kafka

IMPORTANT: This is a BYOD workshop. Attendees need to bring their own Laptop to try the hands-on instructions.

About Speakers

KRISHNA MOHAN KOYYA is a Technology Consultant, Corporate Trainer, research Scholar and an author. He comes with an experiance of 23 Years with the IT Industry. He has been helping technology organizations by training their fresh and senior engineers in key technologies and processes, consulting on architecture, design and process of software development. Currently he is writing a monthly column “The Design Odyssey” in Open Source for You magazine.

Krishna Mohan Koyya_

Krishna Mohan Koyya
Proprietor & Principal Consultant
Glarimy Technology Services, Bengaluru, India