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    FAQ For Visitors of Open Source India | OSI Tickets


    Q. What is Open Source India?
    A. Glad you asked : )

    Open Source India can be summed up by two statements:

    1. It’s the Tech Fest for India’s Open Source Community
    2. The Community and the Industry Meets here

    Q. What happens at Open Source India?

    A. Just like a large scale “tech fest” there various things happen simultaneously. However, the core of the event is the Conference that attracts the best IT talent from all across India. The conference is spread across 3 halls which can seat 1100+ audience at any point of time. Multiple tracks (some are 2-day, some 1-day and some are half-day tracks) get conducted simultaneously. Open Source experts and luminaries from all across India, and the globe share their knowledge and wisdom with the techie audience.

    And, these techies don’t just listen to the talks but also network with each other. They also network with the speakers and the exhibitors. Some seek talent for their team. Some seek new opportunities to grow their careers. Some seek new ideas. Some seek members to join their Open Source project communities.

    And, then there are LIVE contests and quizzes where lots of gadgets and gifts are given away to winners–right then and there. Plus, free tea & coffee to keep the momentum at a high.

    You should see the buzz in the halls during the break-out of lunch sessions. It’s all happening here. In a festive “Open” environment.

    Q. How can I Register for Open Source India?

    A. To register, simply go to:

    Q. Is Open Source India a virtual event or an on-the-ground event?

    A. Open Source India is going to be an “on the ground” event. We will be sharing recordings of the Tech Talks with all paid pass holders–after 7 days of the event. We will use this time band to edit and upload all videos. There will be NO recordings of the workshops.


    Q. Is it a pay-to-attend event OR is it free to attend?
    A. We release a quota of Community Passes as FREE. By default when you register, you get access to this pass. The higher passes are all paid.

    Q. What are the benefits of the Community Pass?

    The Community Pass allows your access to Keynotes, The Community Track and the Expo across all days of OSI.

    However, to access Tech Talks, Workshops or other benefits like Networking Lunch, Attendance Certificates, etc–you will need to upgrade to higher passes.

    Please refer to the Passes page under the Visit menu–for exact details.

    Q. Before I upgrade, I need to know the Conference Agenda, the speakers, the workshops, etc. By when will this info be provided?

    A. Truth be told–this information is always “under preparation” till the last day. But, we aim to release majority of the talks titles, speakers and workshop details–4 weeks below the event. That’s when we start aggressively promoting upgradation of the passes too amongst our registrants.

    However, many regulars upgrade their passes without waiting for these details, based on their past experience. They find the broad calendar of Talks, which we have already released, good enough to decide which tracks to attend on which day.

    Q. How can I pay and avail the higher passes?

    A. We are automating the process to pay and upgrade your pass. But in the mean time, you can pay at and share details at Our team will upgrade your pass, and issue a Receipt within 4 working days.

    Q. If my pass does not include access to a meal, what options do I have to feed myself during Lunch Break?

    A. Great question. First, let me share the truth: we do not attempt to profit by selling meals to you. Second, we want you to fully enjoy your experience and don’t want the meal to spoil your experience at OSI. Hence, we provide you with complete freedom to arrange for your meals:

    1. You can get your meal from home in a smart case (but you will have to carry it around with you–across the venue)
    2. You can order via Zomato or Swiggy or any of your favourite food apps–30 to 45 minutes before you want to have a meal. They do deliver at the gate of the convention center, which is just a 1 minute walk from the halls.
    3. There are a few Udupi style restaurants near the venue (5 to 10 min walk).
    4. We do try and arrange a couple of food trucks and a few counters which sell rolls, biryani and thaalis–on a first-come-first-serve basis.

      We do have tables set up for 100+ to eat at the venue simultaneously, plus there are quite a few benches and a nice lawn for you to enjoy your meals at.


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