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Abhinav Dubey

DevOps Engineer | Devtron Inc

About Talk

Setting up a Production-ready k8s ecosystem in 2 hrs from scratch

TRACK: Workshop

30 Sep 2022 | Time: 15:15 to 18:30

About Speaker

Abhinav is an Open Source Enthusiast having deep interests in DevOps and Cloud Computing. He started his open-source journey right from the beginning of his University and presently working as a DevOps Engineer and one of the contributors and maintainers of an open-source platform called Devtron.
He is always eager to learn new tech stacks and share his learning with others. He is also a technophile, exploring the Ocean of technology and helping others to get into the Ocean and float over the surface by documenting his works, writing technical blogs, and talking in different meet-ups & online events on different tech platforms.