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The Open source thrust in 2021

    Open Source Thrust

    The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the number of people who count on technology to stay ahead in life and business. What about the people that modern technology counts on — our developers and IT admins?

    The editorial team at Open Source For You magazine have been striving to help developers and IT admins to get ahead and stay ahead of the technological advancements shaping software development for almost two decades now. In 2021, we will continue our consistent efforts with an additional dollop of trust in software — by hosting the event entirely online, and free of cost!

    Join us to take part in live conference talks and interactive Q&A sessions on the hottest topics engaging developers in 2021.

    Interested in sponsoring and supporting the Indian Open Source Movement?

    We have some amazing solutions to generate leads, brand your firm for recruitment, or reach out to some of the most passionate developers and IT admins in India.

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