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Venkata Ramana

    Name: Venkata Ramana

    Designation: Lead architect

    Company: Huawei

    Topic of Talk: Data Analytics through Apache CarbonData+Spark

    About the Talk:
    Different application scenarios needs different storage solutions: HBASE is ideal for point query scenarios but unsuitable for multi-dimensional queries. MPP is suitable for data warehouse scenarios but engine and data are coupled together which hampers scalability. OLAP stores used in BI applications performs best for Aggregate queries but full scan queries perform at sub optimal performance. Moreover they are not suitable for real-time analysis. These distinct systems lead to low resource sharing and needs different pipelines for data and application management.

    About the Speaker:
    Venkata Ramana is Lead architect at Huawei’s India R&D centre’s BigData practice at Bengaluru and committer of Apache Carbondata. He is one of the core members who architected CarbonData. Venkata Ramana has previously worked on BI, Linux Kernel development projects at Huawei.

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