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    Name: Thandayuthapani

    Designation: Software Engineer

    Company: Huawei

    Topic of Workshop: Monolith to Micro-services : A hands on workshop for development of micro-services using open source frameworks

    About the Workshop:
    In this workshop we enable developers to transform their monolith applications to micro-services using open source micro-services frameworks. We will do comparative analysis of existing open source microservices framework like Istio, Linkerd, Dubbo and ServiceComb. We will be showcasing Microservice framework like Apache ServiceComb can be used for efficient service discovery, circuit breaking, fault tolerance, route management, logging & tracing, fault injection and Darklaunch deploying on Kubernetes/Docker.

    About the Speaker:
    Thandayuthapani is a software engineer with 1yr of experience working with Huawei Cloud Team and contributing to open source ServiceComb project. Have an experience on Golang and micro-service architecture

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