Supriya Ashish Chitale

Name: Supriya Ashish Chitale

Designation: Manager- Product Development

Company: Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited

Topic of Workshop: OSS License Compliance with OSS Tools

About the Workshop:
The main objective of the workshop is to spread awareness about the OSS compliance. It will introduce you to OSS license compliance and why license compliance is important. You will also learn about License compliance workflow with Fossology and sw360 and Other OSS tools for license compliance

About the Speaker:
Supriya Chitale is head of the Open Source Software Compliance team at Siemens, Pune. She is an experienced software professional with diverse knowledge. She has 12 years experience in software development using different technologies. She has also spent 2 years in designing, developing, and delivering Instructor-led Training. During her free time, Supriya likes to read, travel with family, and learn about new cultures.

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