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Sohan Maheshwar

    Name: Sohan Maheshwar

    Designation: Alexa Evangelist

    Company: Amazon

    Topic of Workshop: Learn to Develop Voice-Enabled Experiences with Alexa.

    Topic of Talk:  Why Voice is the Next Major Disruption in Computing

    About the workshop:
    This hands-on workshop will take you through the skill-building process starting with an introduction to Amazon Alexa and the Alexa Skills Kit while illustrating why Voice is the next major disruption in computing. Build your first skill and then move onto learning voice design and how it differs from designing for the web or mobile.

    About the Talk: Every decade or so we see a shift in how we interact with personal technology. We’ve gone from simple graphical user interfaces on desktop computers to powerful touchscreen smartphones, in a matter of few decades. We are now moving from the age of smartphones to the era of Voice User Interfaces where users can communicate with machines via voice. Companies and brands are always early-adopters when it comes to engaging with customers via new technologies. With the recent advent of voice user interfaces, there is now an opportunity to connect with customers in an exciting new medium. But what does this really mean? How do you approach the conversations you want to have with your customers and what does the technology behind this look like? This talk will delve into why Voice represents the next major disruption in computing and how brands and companies need to start designing voice experiences for their customers.

    About the Speaker:
    Sohan is an Alexa Evangelist at Amazon. His role involves inspiring and helping developers build incredible voice experiences using Alexa. He was a part of the Alexa launch in India which has seen developers build over 15,000 skills in a short span of time. Sohan has earlier worked as a developer evangelist for Gupshup and InMobi and has spoken at conferences around the world.

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