Siva Rama Krishna

Name: Siva Rama Krishna

Designation: Technical Director

Company: ORACLE

Topic of Talk: DevOps – Lifecycle, Tools and Unified Platform

About the Talk:
The Cloud Native application development has gained traction over couple of years with huge adoption of microservices and functions. DevOps has become an inevitable requirement in the entire ball game. Gartner described DevOps as a Tool-Centric Philosophy that supports a Continuous Delivery Value Chain. DevOps helps in establishing the behaviors, culture, and different ways of working to fully capitalize Continuous Delivery. This session provides a complete blueprint for the entire Continuous Delivery process, Lifecycle of DevOps and typical tools/frameworks required at each stage of lifecycle along with few of the use-cases that developers can think of.

About the Speaker:
Siva Rama Krishna is a Technical Director works at Oracle, India.  He has around 19 years of experience in Sales Consulting, Product Management and Business Development with broad expertise on Middleware and Cloud technologies. He is speaker at various developer forums & instrumental in cloud developer solutions. He evangelizes in the areas like DevOps, Cloud Native, Container Native, Microservices and Serverless.

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