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Shreshtha Joshi

    Name: Shreshtha Joshi

    Designation: Senior Software Engineer

    Company: Redhat

    Topic of Talk: Openstack – From open-source project to enterprise grade distribution

    About the Talk: The talk will entail RedHat’s process(downstream) for shipping its Openstack distribution to its global customers, enabling easy and rapid deployments of their hybrid and private clouds. It will capture the entire process of how an open-source upstream project lands in RDO to its way downstream within Red Hat and finally its deployment for customers. The details on what is done downstream, the kind of tests that are executed and how CICD is handled for different releases shall also be included. The end note shall enclose the success story of converting an open-source Openstack project into an enterprise grade distribution.

    About the Speaker:
    Shreshtha is working as a Senior Software Engineer with Redhat. She is an active opensource contributor and has contributed to various projects in Openstack and Opendaylight. These days she is focussed on packaging and related activities of Openstack’s Rocky release for RedHat’s Enterprise Distribution. Her portfolio includes collaborations with companies like RedHat, Brocade Communications and Tata Consultancy Services. She is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker and listener with hands-on experience in java, python, shell and ansible.

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