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Rajesh Sola

    Name: Rajesh Sola

    Designation: Education Specialist

    Company: KPIT Technologies, Pune

    Topic of Talk: Eclipse Kura – Java/OSGi based edge framework

    About the Talk:
    Edge frameworks play a vital role in IOT architecture and connected solutions.This talk introduces Eclipse Kura, an OSGi based extensible framework for edge computing need and the significance of edge computing in connected devices.In this talk we’ll discuss on rich APIs & services offered by Kura framework,for e.g. Cloud connectivity, Wireless connectivity options like WLAN,BLE etc.This talk ends with couple of demonstrations on writing custom kura bundles with following integrations 1.InfluxDb client APIs for time series data management 2.HTTP REST client with the help of okhttp library.

    About the Speaker:
    Rajesh is an Education Specialist in the KPIT’s Engineering Academy and working as a faculty in Education and Competency Development (ECoDE) team.He is currently aligned with Infotainment skill training with focus on HMI Design and IVI Connectivity.Prior to this, he was a core faculty member of CDAC’s Advanced Computing Training School, Pune, and evangelist in embedded systems, IOT domains with a wide span of industry & academia associations.He is the guest author for EFY Group’s Open Source For You Magazine. He has been speaking at various events on Open Source, Embedded Systems, IOT like FudCon@Pune, ESTF @ Bengaluru, GNUnify @ Pune, Open Source India @ Bengaluru, @ Bengaluru, @ Bengaluru. He has expertise and is interested in areas like Linux internals, Kernel programming & Device drivers, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Qt programming for desktop and embedded applications, IOT gateway design, IOT platforms & connectivity protocols. He loves teaching & open source, keen on FOSS adoption among the student community and keep exploring emerging technologies and open source trends in core domains these days.

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