Pulkit Agarwal

Name: Pulkit Agarwal

Designation: Sr. Product Manager

Company: Microsoft

Topic of Talk: Introducing Devops to your organisation

About the Talk:
A sneek peek into the story of moving ~75000 engineers to Cloud-First Development and modern DevOps practices, why is Microsoft doing Devops. Some best practices and lesson learned doing devops at scale at Microsoft and how can you quickly get started with best Devops practices.

About the Speaker:
About 9 years old in Industry. Currently working at Microsoft on Azure DevOps – its a suite of DevOps services and you can choose the ones that complements your existing workflows. Like one of the services is Azure Pipelines which allows you to build, deploy, and release to any platform using the power of the cloud and you can use this to build your open source applications from GitHub on hosted Windows, Linux, or Mac machines and share with the world.

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