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Prasanth K S R

    Name: Prasanth K S R

    Designation: Software Senior Engineer

    Company: Dell EMC

    Topic of Talk: Demystifying SELinux for Server, Mobile and Container applications

    About the Talk:
    Enabling SELinux helps reduce risk of harm to applications and other user programs. It helps prevent malicious or poorly written programs from doing harm to the overall system. It has evolved to be important part of a broad security strategy on datacenter servers, mobile and Containers. Security Enhanced Linux, is disabled in most cases due to fact that most people do not take the time to understand how to work with SELinux. SELinux is now a well-accepted piece of various security certification standards. This presentation will provide an approach for building and deploying systems that enforce Proactive security goals, Understanding of SElinux terminology, SELinux utilities and his friends, SELinux policy creation for custom applications. And the discussion continues how SELinux policy can be carried over into modern container-based environments using Ansible.

    About the Speaker:
    Prasanth is an Honest, Open minded professional and an avid lover of Linux and Open Source who believes in sharing knowledge. He is currently working as Software Senior Engineer at Dell EMC. He has over 10 years of solid understanding of a diverse range of IT infrastructure, systems management. He loves what he does with an unique differentiator of managing complex problems with many variables. He constantly thrive to build things better helping the organization ready for the future. Always ensuring to improve his subject matter expertise and attain specialization in his area of work.

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