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Muthuramakrishnan Viswanathan

    Name: Muthuramakrishnan Viswanathan

    Designation: Technical Solutions Consultant

    Company: Google

    Topic of Talk: Managing Microservices with Istio

    About the Talk: With the evolution of container technologies in the past years, developers have been building agile micro-services and often end up with a big mesh of these services, exposing them to series of new challenges. It includes challenges around Fault Tolerance, Circuit Breaking, Logging, Tracing etc. – which are different from the ones we have seen around scale and deployment. To tackle these challenges, Istio – An open platform with key contributions from Google, IBM, Lyft and others was developed. Istio is a complete framework for connecting, securing, managing and monitoring services.

    About the Speaker:
    Muthuramakrishnan has been working as a Technical Solutions Consultant at Google for about 2 years now and is currently focused on helping developers build efficient APIs and Microservices. He’s an experienced full stack developer with expertise in building secure software that can scale. His passion for Open Source Technologies led him to publish several award winning Open Source libraries for Android. If you don’t see him immersed in Software Development, he’s most likely working the decks with deep house/trance mixes as a DJ.

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