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Manosh Brabagar Malai

    Name: Manosh Brabagar Malai

    Designation: Senior Devops & DB/Cloud Consultant

    Company: Mydbops

    Topic of Talk: Evolution of DBA in the Cloud Era

    About the Talk:
    It’s common for everyone to use some of their databases on cloud nowadays. We having different cloud providers to provide database as a service (DBaaS) like Amazon RDS including Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, Rackspace OpenStack DBaaS, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. Everyone move towards them with a strong hope, that Cloud will help in reducing their management overhead, efficient backup&restore and another day to day administration task, because of which people started to think that with DBAAS we don’t need a DBA anymore! And don’t hire a DBA, And during some issues, with the wrong assumption they would upsize their database systems which would obviously increase their expenditure From all the above we also need to accept that DBA role is not about just Administering the database, its more than that. DBA need to change their role into DBE(Database Engineer).

    About the Speaker:
    Since 2010 Manosh have actively contributed to the design and implementation of major projects, with responsibilities in the following areas: systems engineering and security activities, coordination of groups and design of IT architectures. He has thorough knowledge of Unix operating systems, Linux and Windows. He can intervene effectively in all that concerns the administration, technical troubleshooting and monitoring infrastructure, the tools through Zabbix and Nagios.

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