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Krishna Balaga

    Name: Krishna Balaga

    Designation: Developer Advocate

    Company: IBM

    Topic of Workshop: ML On the Cloud

    Topic of Talk:  Fabric for Deep Learning

    About the Workshop:
    This workshop will take you through the journey of cleaning,visualizing data and finally deploying machine learning models in a quick hands-on session without much code and using some very exciting datasets.We discuss best practices, tools to find new and unexpected insights that deliver business changing results. It’s a great place to get started with Data Science and IBM Watson Studio

    About the Talk: Creating an opensource Deep Learning platform with a distribution and orchestration layer that facilitates learning from a large amount of data in a reasonable amount of time across compute nodes managed by Kubernetes

    About the Speaker:
    Krishna is a Watson and Cloud Engineer at IBM. He is a part of Digital Business Group: determined to smoothen the journey for Developers and their startups with IBM’s visionary tech. In the past, he worked mainly with the start-up community. He undertook the roles of an IOT consultant, Computer Vision expert, Cloud Advocate, IOT trainer, Design Automation rookie and quite a few freelance consultancy roles as well, developing a good amount of street cred while doing so. Currently he’s working on creating novel PoCs demonstrating the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson and its ability to transform the way businesses operate forever

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