Kaiwan Billimoria

Name: Kaiwan Billimoria

Designation: Founder

Company: kaiwanTECH

Topic of talk: Hacking, Security and Hardening Overview for Developers – on the Linux OS and systems applications

About the Talk:
The phenomenal rise in technology, and especially, software-driven products (domains like networking, telecom, embedded-automotive, infotainment, and especially now IoT, ML, AI) literally begs for better security on end-products. Hackers currently have a field day! and are only getting better at it, while product developers lag behind. Not a good thing. This presentation is geared towards helping participants understand why and where software vulnerabilities exist, while programming and after; available OS Hardening techniques; what tools and methodologies help prevent and mitigate security issues. The workshop essentially consists of 3 parts: – Part 1 : Security/Hacking Intro – Part 2 : Technical: deep dive into software vulnerabilities, their root causes, process stack – Part 3 : Technical: Modern OS Hardening Countermeasures (esp on Linux).

About the Speaker:
Kaiwan taught himself BASIC programming on his Dad’s office IBM PC-XT when he was in the 9th grade (back in 1983). The urge to learn, hack and master at the level of the “bare-metal” was born there!

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