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Gurpreet Sachdeva

    Name: Gurpreet Sachdeva

    Designation: Assistant Vice President – Technology

    Company: Aricent

    Topic of Talk: Continuous Security – The DevOps Way

    About the Talk:
    Cybercrime in its various forms is expected to cost the world more than US$6 trillion per year by 2021. In 2015, security breaches in private organizations and several breaches of US federal agencies prompted President Obama to declare a national emergency to deal with cybercrime. While DevOps leads to increase in speed and scale, the mission of SecDevOps is to create targeted customer value through secure iterative innovation at speed and scale. As a general practice, security checks are done towards the end of the release cycle which more often than not leads to uncomfortable situations. Many times it leads to delays also. The advent of cloud computing has brought in exciting new capabilities like on-demand scaling, micro-parameterization of security controls, per-resource granular security policies, and much more that can be used advantageously in complex environments. These controls can be tightly integrated in DevOps pipeline and become operationalized much like monitoring tools. This session will explore how to integrate the ecosystem of technologies to build security checks in all phases of software development like Architecture, Design and Implementation in order to create a true SecDevOps practice.

    About the Speaker:
    Gurpreet S. Sachdeva is a Technology Executive with 20+ years of experience working on some of the most challenging technologies related to Communication Software, Enterprise Computing and Cloud Computing. Gurpreet is a co-founder of Delhi – NCR – Java User Group, blogs at and also has written a book on Elastic stack

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