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Divya K Konoor

    Name: Divya K Konoor

    Designation: Advisory Software Engineer

    Company: IBM

    Topic of Talk: Securing OpenStack Deployments

    About the Talk:
    OpenStack is the most popular and stable open source cloud platforms that we have today. However, OpenStack is not built with security in mind. The focus has always been on functional aspects. This makes OpenStack not an out of the box secure solution for enterprise customers. As part of this presentation, different aspects of security (authentication , authorization, auditing, privileged access, security tools, vulnerability management, GDPR etc) w.r.t OpenStack will be discussed. This will help audience understand how secure a community OpenStack deployment is and how they can make it more secure for enterprise use

    About the Speaker:
    Divya K Konoor has 15 years of experience in the IT industry with around 11 years in Cloud Technologies and Systems Management. She currently works in IBM. In her current role as the technical lead for IBM PowerVC product, she works on OpenStack Cloud Platform and works closely with the community. Her interest areas include security, auditing, monitoring and serviceability. She has multiple patents and multiple publications in her name on Cloud Computing.

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