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Call For Papers (CIO Talks)

Calling CIOs to share their knowledge at the 13th edition of India’s most exciting convention on Open Source

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Open Source India (OSI) is the premier Open Source conference in Asia targeted at nurturing and promoting the Open Source ecosystem in the subcontinent. Started as LinuxAsia in 2004, OSI has been at the helm of bringing together the Open Source industry and the community in the last 12 years. The 13th edition of OSI this year aims to take this event a notch higher by focusing on the Open Source ecosystem in Asia, and more specifically, in India.

We have put in our best to make the submission process simple. All you need to do is to click “Submit Talk” and fill the form with the details required .

Each session is of 30 or 45 minutes which includes a 5 to 10 minutes of Q and A.

Suggested Topics

1. Mobile/Web App Development

The talk should be on what’s hot on the Mobile or Web development front
Target Audience: Software Developers (Mobile/Web)

2. IT Management: Cloud, Big Data & IT Infrastructure

How to choose the best cloud solution & IT Infrastructure for your business applications
Target Audience: CXOs, IT Heads, IT Managers and IT Implementers

3. Open Source Database

The latest and the best on the open source database front and its impact on the industry.
Target Audience: Project Managers, Developers, IT Implementers, DBAs

4. Open Source in IoT

How Open Source is playing a part in the IoT world.
Target Audience: CXOs, IT Managers, Software Developers, IoT Entrepreneurs, IT Startups.

5. Any thing that you find is interesting.

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