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OSIDays 2013


Ride the Crest of Open Source with Open Source India 2013

Open Source India 2013, Asia’s biggest convention on open source, kicks off on November 11 at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru. Three days are packed with informative sessions and workshops to give you an in-depth insight into the current trends in open source. The event provides an opportunity for all those who wish to innovate, grow, succeed and stay ahead in a highly-competitive environment.

The open source revolution has thrown open a world of opportunities for us to unleash the power of technology. The day is not far when rapid advancement in the open source terrain promises to improve the pace and quality of our daily routines. So, what happens when a large number of FOSS lovers get together to share and seek knowledge, collaborate and create ‘open’ communities? We witness a vibrant three-day event called Open Source India.

Open Source India, Asia’s largest convention on open source, has evolved over the years to get bigger and better, turning into one of the most popular and cherished platforms for FOSS lovers. The annual community event that aims to nurture the spirit of FOSS draws software developers, IT managers, CIOs, budding tech professionals, and more in huge numbers. The animated and high-on-energy atmosphere at Open Source India brings a much needed break for the tech buffs.
This year, the 10th edition of the event will be held from November 11 – 13, 2013, at Bengaluru’s NIMHANS Convention Centre. It promises to be even more exciting.

Why you should attend Open Source India 2013

Open Source India is evolving as well as expanding, and if you haven’t been there yet, this is probably the best year to start. So, if you need reasons to attend this convention, consider the following:

Get a hang of the cutting edge technologies and the latest trends in the open source domain:

If you are a developer, programmer, IT manager, CIO, CTO, data or systems administrator, budding tech professional or just someone harbouring a passion for open source, you will find information-packed sessions for you. We can vouch for a good amount of content that focuses on the best practices and key trends in the FOSS zone. The three-day conference-cum-expo will have the entire gamut of FOSS perspectives covered through various tracks, ranging from cloud computing and mobile app development to kernel development, Web development, open source databases and FOSS for everyone.

This three-day mega event will provide a never before opportunity for almost anyone who wishes to stay ahead of the curve and tap the potential of the future—all of which is linked to open source. So, this November, all roads will lead to the NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bengaluru. Will you be there?

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