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Testimonials of Exhibitors

Instead of us boring you with a long list of features, advantages and benefits of Open Source India, we thought it’s best that you heard it straight from some of our exhibitors…

Microsoft at Open Source India in 2019

I never Anticipated OSI to be this big this is just amazing loved every part of it meeting new people awesome
Tanay Pratap (Microsoft)

IBM at Open Source India in 2019

Participants now get an opportunity to understand the latest’s of what is happening in the industry. Tremendous response it was overflowing and people were asking for the repeat session
Rajesh Jeya Paul (IBM)

JetBrains at Open Source India in 2019

So there Focus in getting right speakers right topics and right audiences is something benefiting us as well as them.
Javed Mohamed (JetBrains)

*astTECS at Open Source India in 2019

We had a quite good number of visitors coming to our store and also exhibitor where people were directly interested and we could follow it up later get the orders
Dr. Devasia Kurian (*astTecs)

Mydbops at Open Source India in 2019

The range of the spectrum of people come over here the techies both at dbs , devops another aspects of it those are really good actually
Benedict Henry (Mydbops)

Jfrog India at Open Source India in 2019

We have got some great attraction at our booth we have got 2 keynotes going on which also saw full house
Kavita Vishwanath (Jfrog)

IBM at Open Source India in 2019

The crowd is always very very good and the kind off attention that the team pays in getting the right mix of crowd from organizations , communities and academic is always very beneficial for participates like us.
Sunita Raymond (IBM)

Josh software at Open Source India in 2019

The people we meet here are very different from other conferences and the experience range of the people who were here : there are students , there are people with 30 years of experience they are contributing to open source since the inception of open source.
Seema Jha (Josh Software)

Enterprise db at Open Source India in 2019

I feel pretty fantastic and It gives us good opportunity to connect with our partners customers
Shailesh Kumar (Enterprise db)

Microsoft at Open Source India in 2019

This is a forum where we get to connect to the developers we want to talk , the technical SME’s or the even BDM that we want to collaborate with
Trishla Jain (Microsoft)

Fcoos technologies at Open Source India in 2019

Lot of It Managers and IT decision managers visited our stall
Sandeep Athiyarath (Fcoos technologies)

Open Source India Partner Testimonials 2019

We have find partners from bhutan , bangladesh , sri lanka this time
Manjunath R.J (astcrm)

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