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Sandhya B R

Designation: Cyber Security Researcher

Company: Accenture

Topic: Privacy protection – biggest challenge in IoT Era

Track: Cyber Security Day

Date and Time: 17th October 2019 05:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Hall: 3

About Speaker

Sandhya B R

  • • A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from EC Council, is on a mission to spread awareness about Cyber Security which is the need of the hour.
  • • Currently working as a Cyber Security Researcher at Accenture India, have actively participated in various Hackathons such as Attack to protect organized by Security Innovation, Nullcon etc.
  • • Graduated as a Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering, had an opportunity to work on IoT Related project “Smart Traffic Control System”-Motion based congestion control systems.
  • • A trainer for GFT – Green Field Training conducted by Accenture for the New-Joiners, training has always been a passion.
  • • A member of Nullcon-Bangalore chapter have participated in various hand-on workshops organized by IISc, Bangalore (CXC), IEEE to gain knowledge on IoT, its uses and security.
  • • Security Testing: Embedded, IoT, Firmware Reverse Engineering/Binary Exploitation, Network, Web, and Mobile, Cloud Security.
  • • Security Tools: HP Web Inspect, Acunetix, HP Fortify, Nikto, Burp Suite, Drozer, Nessus, Retina, Wireshark, Metasploit, Cain and Able, OWASP ZAP, NMAP & KALI.
  • • Industry Standards: OWASP, PCI DSS, HIPAA , OSSTM, ISO27001
  • • Environments: Windows, Java , JavaScript, Ubuntu, Shell Scripting, Python scripting, C, MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, Android and IOS.

About Talk

With IoT growing at a tremendous pace, it may soon be indispensable as the internet itself, spreading its wings to almost every domain. The internet of things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices. Through sensors and pervasive connectivity, we expose ourselves to wide range of ideas that can make our day to day activities much easier…if we let them. Experts predict that by 2025, there will be as many as 75 billion connected IoT devices. Privacy is the biggest area of concern in this IoT Era.