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Ranjith Raj Vasam

Designation: Rep

Company: Mozilla

Topic: PWA + IoT = Progressive Web of Things: Future of IoT

Track: App Development

Date and Time: 17th October 2019 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM

Hall: 2

About Speaker

I'm a Mozilla Rep, travelling around to talk about tech trends, FOSS and Privacy. I do legal consultation for startups for using Foss technologies. I'm a technical trainer on domains of data science, mixed reality and IoT solutions. I'm managing member of Python Software Foundation, Executive Committee Member of Swecha, Free Software Movement of India.

About Talk

I'd talk about how 'Web of Things' are going to be the future of IoT devices. Using Open Web to connect things would solve the problem of often critisized problem in IoT, the issue of lacking Privacy and Security. The talk includes a demo using Mozilla's things gateway[1] in the session.

Progressive Web Apps are revolutionizing the way we think about Mobile apps and Web Apps. Adding all the features of PWA to build Web of Things is a future next practice compared to traditional IoT solutions. This talk includes showcase of a case study of PWA for IoT.