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Prateek Goyal

Designation: Software Engineer

Company: IBM

Topic: Evaluating ML Models for Bias - Build an Explainable model using financial dataset

Track: Workshop

Date and Time: 17th October 2019 11:15 AM to 01:30 PM

Hall: 1

About Speaker

I did my M.Tech from IIIT Bangalore and joined IBM India Software Labs where I've worked on products like Watson Data Platform, Watson OpenScale in the last 2 years. In OpenScale my main focus is on developing capabilities for helping customers develop trust in AI models by detecting and removing the bias from their models. Also, working on a new offering in OpenScale which allows customers to have model risk management and have better control over the models they are deploying to production.

About Talk

The workshop will give a quick introduction to ML as an optimization problem and the ML pipeline flow. The importance of having an explainable model. The implementation steps of building ML and enabling the fairness of the Model. Participants will get the hands on experience in developing the ML model using a financial dataset, how to persist the Model and how to enable the model for Fairness. After attending the workshop participants will learn about the explainability and fairness of AI models. They should be able to build a trusted AI post this workshop independently.