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Niyam Bhushan

Designation: Founder


Topic: What Every Techie Must Know About Design-Thinking and UX Design

Track: Workshop

Date and Time: 17th October 2019 03:30 PM to 06:00 PM

Hall: 1

About Speaker

Multi-disciplinary creative professional with over 34 years of vast and diverse experience in Design and Design-Thinking. Driven with the vision and passion to transform India into the super-hub of Design in the world. Founder of with this vision. Conducted over 44 Design workshops across 8 locations in India within 5 years. Design Jury member with NASSCOM Design4India 2018 and 2019 and industry expert on Design for various NASSCOM initiatives. Worked with top global, international, and prestigious clients in design of enterprise software and large-scale projects. Helped and mentored over 200 startups. Consulted in over 20 industry verticals including Telecom, Fintech, IT, Media, Publishing, Travel, Health, Parenting, Education, Ecology, and more. Parallelly worked for 14 years across various Linux, Free & Open Source Software, and Creative Commons initiatives across India, including being the founder-member of ILUG-D, running and helping set up a few other Linux User Groups in India. Combine deep and ongoing research with advanced skills and techniques, all for the creative aha! moment.

About Talk

From a small startup app to an enterprise software, success is defined through design-led engineering.In a competitive and crowded marketplace, no amount of world-class engineering alone helps to define success. This workshop hits the ground running with the two super-ninja powers every techie needs: Design-Thinking. And UX Design. Stuff, until a few years ago, the IT industry mistakenly thought only designers need. Today, you and everyone in IT need these for their products, and need these urgently for their career path. You'll abe able to wrap your heads around how to think in Design, speed up your workflows to go-to-market, and learn what it takes to author world-class design from across your team.