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Niel Hirjee

Designation: Developer

Company: TikiWiki CMS Groupware

Topic: How Supreme Court used only Open Source to process claims worth Rs. 7000 crore

Track: Open Source and You

Date and Time: 17th October 2019 05:30 PM to 06:15 PM

Hall: 1

About Speaker

Niel Hirjee is systems administrator of Calport Technologies, an innovative web development company in Kolkata. He has also been evangelist and developer of TikiWiki for many years. Niel is an internet pioneer who introduced email and internet to eastern India via Calport BBS, many years before VSNL launched GIAS in 1995. He currently works in the web, mobile application and telecom space.

About Talk

When property buyers of real estate projects like Unitech and Jaypee were left in the lurch, the Supreme Court of India directed that a web portal be set up for buyers to register their claims. As part of the registration process the Supreme Court required various documents to be submitted online by claimants. The challenge was to set up cloud services which complied with Indian cyberlaw, were scalable enough to accept a surge of users on the days following the announcement with bandwidth and storage enough to accept an average of 50 megabyte upload per applicant from an estimated 30,000 claimants and simple enough for everyone to use; above all the system had to be secure. The team of amicus curiae Pawan Shree Agrawal wanted an MIS system in the backend to enable them to manage data and report status to the Supreme Court from time to time. TikiWiki was the open source solution used to orchestrate the entire solution.