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Khem Raj

Designation: Distinguished Engineer

Company: Comcast

Topic: Sustainable Free and Open Source

Track: Keynote

Date and Time: 18th October 2019 02:30 PM to 03:15 PM

Hall: 1

About Speaker

Khem Raj is a Distinguished Engineer at Comcast, helping several open source initiatives within the company: He is guiding the company's adoption of open source software, and becoming an active contributor to the open source components that are used in the RDK settop software stack. One of the most recent projects he has worked on is migrating RDK to an OE/Yocto-based framework for build system and embedded Linux distribution generation. He is also actively working on making the RDK community adopt the RDK framework for future TV settop devices and broadband gateways. He is a Yocto Project advisory board member, and member of the technical steering Committee for the OpenEmbedded project. He is core maintainer for several key pieces in OpenEmbedded and yocto project, including core metadata, toolchains, and SDKs.

About Talk

The talk will help you understand the open source phenomenon and processes. It will cover how it is transforming business in 21st century. How is it unleashing the human talent and ingenuity?