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Ashish Sahu

Designation: Cloud Solution Architect

Company: Microsoft India

Topic: It’s not about Cyber Attacks , It’s all about Cyber Readiness

Track: Cyber Security Day

Date and Time: 17th October 2019 04:15 PM to 04:45 PM

Hall: 3

About Speaker

Ashish Sahu is a Cloud Solution Architect, working with Microsoft India and helping ISVs and startups overcome technical challenges, adopt the latest technologies, and evolve their solutions to the next level. He is an expert in Microsoft AI Platform and has written several articles in the digital media on the topic.

About Talk

Cyber Attacks and the stories around us are always scary , be it bank fraud , machines on ransom , internet risk , brand reputation and many uncomfortable situations round the clock. What we observe and spend more time is “ What is this attack all about, gain knowledge and keep moving “ . Close to 50 % or more are not even aware about actual accidental scenario and what should be the first aid , soft techniques , tools and procedures , platforms to support and safeguard such incident. How much time we should spend in building our capabilities , adopting new technologies and be advance in the race to be CYBER READY and AWARE …