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Aman Mangal

Designation: Distributed System Engineer

Company: Dgraph

Topic: Dgraph: A Distributed Transactional Graph Database

Track: Database Day

Date and Time: 18th October 2019 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM

Hall: 1

About Speaker

Sainadh jamalpur is a ninja at web, mobile, network pentester working as a security consultant for a securelayer7. He is very passionate about the security of the applications.

About Talk

Dgraph ( is an open source, transactional, distributed, and native Graph Database built using the Go language.

Ever since the internet explosion, the data not just has been growing in size, but also in its complexity and connectedness.

Dgraph is built as an effort to enable and simplify the development of scalable cloud applications that could continue to thrive even when the data is highly connected and involved. Set on this path, embracing open source all along the way, the love from the open-source community has predominantly shaped the product's evolution. With over 11 thousand stars on GitHub, we are the most popular open-source database in the category.

In my talk, you would see an overview of Dgraph. These include its exciting features like sharding, replication, distributed transactions, the User interface, and much more. Does this sound exciting? See you all in my talk 🙂