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Name: Vinod Panicker

Designation: Chief Architect

Company: Wipro

Topic of Talk: Block chain based cyber security solutions

About the Talk: Will be sharing a broad overview of the block chain based cyber security solutions and disruptive potential of the technology triad comprising of block chain security,AI and open source.

About the Speaker:
Chief Architect & Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with over 19+ years of software development experience . Vinod currently leads the Blockchain initiative for the Cybersecurity & Risk Group at Wipro. He is an expert in open source and crowd sourcing platforms. He was the Lead architect for Wipro’s inner sourcing platform, Open connect and helped it scale seamlessly to over 30K users. He has the rich experience of putting together custom open source application stacks as a part of his roles with the CTO & Blockchain Practice. He was also the Principal Researcher for Open Source , Robotics and Data Visualization while with the CTO’s office. In his prior role he lead the tools development program and built a software engineering tools portfolio comprising of both home grown and open source tools in under 3 years.


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