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Name: Vincent FUCHS

Designation: Technical architect

Company: Societe Generale GSC

Topic of Talk: How to easily keep dozens of code repositories consistent ?

About the Talk:

Challenge : with the move to microservices that a lot of teams are undergoing, we end up managing dozens of code repositories (vs just a couple before), and some tasks that we were doing manually are now becoming very time consuming -> consistency of the repositories, and eventually of your platform, suffers. During the talk, I will explain in details the challenge (I am sure a lot of people can relate), and give a live demo of the 2 tools – since it’s opensource, audience can try it in their perimeter and give feedback / contribute

About the Speaker:

14 years experience in IT in finance domain, I’ve been a support analyst, a java developer, a tech lead, a CI-CD coach, and lately a technical architect, for Societe Generale (for past 12 years). I have worked in Paris, New-York and I am based out of Bangalore for past 4 years. Since I started my career, I always had a keen interest on opensource, mainly as a user. For past couple of years, I’ve become a contributor, first on some libraries that I was using, and more recently a maintainer on the 2 projects I am proposing to present.


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