Sandeep Alur

Designation: Director, Technical Engagements (Partners), Microsoft Corporation India

Topic: Intelligent Cloud and AI – The Next Big Leap
Track: Keynote Panel Discussion
Time: 10:15 – 11:00 AM
Hall: 1

About Sandeep:
Sandeep Alur has over 19 years of industry experience providing technology and architectural guidance. His experience ranges from dotcom days to the distributed/cloud computing to the next generation intelligent computing era. He has architected solutions across technology/platform landscapes and is a stern believer of his own philosophy, which says “Enterprise architecture is an evolution and it grows with innovation”. From an innovation standpoint, he believes that the next big leap is in ‘Data Science’, and ‘AI’ will elevate Customer Experience to greater heights. At Microsoft, he leads ‘Technology Solution Charter’ for ISVs and MSPs in India. He has a vast experience of working with ISVs and startups in the country with Cloud being a primary technology charter. With the current decade dominated by explosion of devices and services, he considers ‘Cloud platform’ to be a great host for businesses to emerge and scale.
You can follow him on twitter @saalur

About Talk:
We are witnessing an era dominated by outburst of data, emergence of Cloud computing and a whole new paradigm shift in how we look at customer experience. At this juncture, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is seemingly becoming a much required ingredient to drive value to customers. Is Cloud key to success of AI in general ? While we are witnessing a technology trigger in the area of AI, is this real ? Join this session to get a glimpse of the next big leap we are going to witness in the world of IT.

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