Rajesh Jeyapaul

Designation: Architect, Mentor and Advocate, IBM

Topic: Maths behind Data Science & Role of open source community
Track: Cloud and Big Data
Time: 04:30 – 05:00 PM
Hall: 2

About Speaker:
Rajesh K Jeyapaul is a Cloud Solution Architect working closely with Partners on cloud based solution enablements. His technology focus is in the area of IoT, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He has around 21 years of experience of which 3 years with Indian Defense research lab and rest with IBM. His work experience involves product development in the area of OS internals, JVM internals ,cloud OS , performance engineering , Migrations and cloud based deployments. He is a Mentor and technical advisor to startup communities.


About Talk:
Developer role is made easy with various open source community supported libraries and platforms.While it is good to have this support , at times, the importance of some of the basic maths is forgotten. Having the basic knowledge on what kind of Mathematical computation is happening during a library call execution will give an in depth understanding on the problem solving approach and opens up many more options in solving the problem. In this talk, I will be talking about
(i) the Role of a data scientist
(ii)Taking Dimensionality reduction as a case, explain the Maths behind it
(iii)Demonstrate using open source libraries and platform

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