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Indumathi Venkataraman

Director of Engineering | Code and Theory

About Talk

From Code to Culture: How Open Source is Redefining Organisational Dynamics

The session will examine the transformative influence of open source on organisational culture, highlighting its impact on collaboration, innovation, and value creation, and suggesting strategies for organisations to embrace this shift.

It will cover the principles of open source – transparency, collaboration, meritocracy – are not just influencing how we write and distribute software but also how organizations function and evolve. From startups to multinationals, the “open source way” is transforming workplace cultures, communication patterns, and operational strategies.

TRACK: FOSS For Everyone

20 Oct 2023 | Time: 12:30-01:00

About Speaker

Indumathi Venkataraman, a dynamic Director of Engineering at Code and Theory with an impressive career spanning over a couple of decades in the industry.

Indumathi is more than just an industry veteran; She is a true visionary who brings a powerful open-source ethos to every endeavor. With a proven track record of crafting exceptional Web and Mobile Apps, Indumathi has consistently pushed the boundaries of digital innovation, earning recognition as a leading expert in their field.

Currently, Indumathi leads the Open Source vertical at Code and Theory India, driving forward the principles of collaboration, transparency, and community-driven innovation.

Prepare to be inspired as Indumathi shares her insights, experiences, and a vision for a future where open source, innovation, and exploration converge to shape a brighter tomorrow.