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Gopal S Akshintala

Lead Member of Technical Staff, | India Pvt Ltd

About Talk

ReVoman (Rev-Woman) | A Template-driven API automation tool for JVM

  1. Abstract: – “Revolutionize API automation in JVM SaaS applications with ReVoman, an open-source tool from Salesforce. Execute Postman collections seamlessly within your Java/Kotlin code, making testing 89% more efficient, transparent, and low in cognitive complexity. Say goodbye to separate skillsets and keep your collections in sync with your code on Git.”

## Resources 

* Repo with Documentation:
* Quick Demo (6 mins):
* Quick Demo deck:
* Core FTest written using ReVoman:

Key takeaway
– Innovative tool to automate inter-connected APIs
– Improve your team productivity with low-code tests
– Keep your postman collections in-sync with your services and automation

TRACK: Developers' Meet

20 Oct 2023 | Time: 11:45-12:30

About Speaker

Gopal S Akshintala, a math and physics enthusiast, is a Lead Software Engineer at Salesforce, where he scales Backend Systems for Revenue Cloud. With a deep passion for coding, he’s an influential figure in the developer community, known for his blog posts, international tech talks, and open-source contributions, including Vador. Starting as an Android Developer, he evolved into a versatile Full-Stack Developer proficient in Kotlin, Java, and React Js. Gopal champions Domain-Driven Design, Clean Architecture, and Test-Driven Development. He revels in crafting expressive code and delves into Functional Programming. Fluent in Kotlin and Java, he’s a language geek. Beyond coding, Gopal thrives on open-source collaborations, tech speaking, singing, and nature writing.