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Gonaiah Aare

Lead Member of Technical Staff, India Pvt Ltd

About Talk

Crafting K8s-Powered Managed Notebooks in Salesforce's Data Lake

“Unlocking the Data Universe at Salesforce: Empowering Teams with Secure Multi-Tenant Jupyter Notebooks” 

In the vibrant world of Salesforce, curiosity drives teams to delve into the data-rich cosmos, seeking insights and optimizations. Join us in this captivating session as we unveil our innovative journey, harnessing the power of open source. Discover how we forged a secure, multi-tenant managed Jupyter notebooks service within our internal Kubernetes platform, granting users the keys to query, explore, and conquer their data horizons. 

Key Takeaways
Open-Source Alchemy:
Explore our use of open source to craft secure, multi-tenant Jupyter notebooks at Salesforce.
Conquering Challenges: Journey through our triumphs over hurdles in building this innovative solution.
Community Impact: Witness our contributions to the open-source realm in this thrilling tech adventure.

TRACK: DevOps​

19 Oct 2023 | Time: 01:00-01:30

About Speaker

As a Lead DevOps Engineer and Platform Solutions Specialist, my role at Salesforce revolves around optimizing Data Analytics platforms using a stack of AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and Spinnaker technologies.