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Goli Akshay Sujith

Software Development Engineer | Slice

About Talk

PID 1 Predicament: NPM's Impact on Dockerized Node.js Applications.

This talk aims to illuminate the “PID 1 Predicament,” when NPM starts as PID 1 in Dockerized Node.js apps. By the end, the audience will grasp the challenges, recognise its impact on shutdowns, and learn solutions like Tini and other optimal timeout strategies, enabling smoother, more reliable application closures.

TRACK: Developers' Meet

20 Oct 2023 | Time: 05:15-05:45

About Speaker

Goli Akshay Sujith is currently working as a SDE at Slice. He has founded, Canvasboard Open Source. He is an alumni of IIIT-Bangalore