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Ankit Kumar

Core Engineer | Aklivity

About Talk

REST in Motion: Harnessing Zilla for Dynamic API Delivery in Event-Driven Architectures

The session will cover:
1. Interface Non-Kafka apps & microservices to directly Kafka.
2. Leverage Kafka as an async Backend for Web & Mobile.
3. Expose event-streams APIs to be consumed by external entities. 4. Maximize Kafka investment.
5. Replace complex Kafka integration middleware with single stateless API layer.
6. No Code implentation: Declarative YAML-based API mapping.

TRACK: Developers' Meet

20 Oct 2023 | Time: 01:00-01:30

About Speaker

As an engineer with a passion for coding, problem-solving, and continuous learning, I bring a unique perspective to the open-source community. With experience as a Core Engineer at Aklivity, an Open Source Contributor for The Apache Software Foundation, and a Senior Software Engineer at Walmart Global Tech India, I have a diverse background in building APIs for Data-in-Motion and designing real-time platforms that enhance the customer experience.

During my tenure at Walmart, I successfully implemented innovative solutions such as a generic interface for promotion use cases and benchmarking for a real-time platform, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings. At Cloudera, I held roles as a Senior Product Specialist and Senior Customer Operations Engineer, gaining expertise in Apache YARN, Apache Kafka, and troubleshooting complex issues. With an educational background in both software engineering and psychology, I possess a well-rounded skill set that allows me to approach problems from multiple perspectives.