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Amith K K

Senior Engineer | Unisys

About Talk

Into the LLM-Verse: Building Open-Source Generative AI Agents to Supercharge your Workflows

Skynet is here! Or is it? Dive into the core principles behind ChatGPT and other large language models, and then embark on an in-depth exploration of creating your own LLM Agents (AKA Copilots) to accelerate your daily workflows. All brought to life through quick prototyping using a vibrant Open-Source toolkit ecosystem!


19-Oct-2023 | Time: 12:45-01:30

About Speaker

Amith is a developer with a focus on emerging technologies such as IoT, AI/ML and Blockchain. Professionally, he is a member of emerging technologies group under the CTO at Unisys, helping drive innovation throughout the organization and acting as a lead maintainer of the open source DBoM Project. He started his open source journey with the Ubuntu community at the age of 12, rising to the top 1% of users at AskUbuntu by helping others like him get into the Linux world. He is also a three time consecutive winner of the annual Smart India Hackathon, founder of the CodeChef chapter at NMIT and regularly holds emerging technology workshops at universities in Bangalore. He’s currently diving into the realm of secure software supply chains, actively contributing to projects like SPDX and is keeping an eye out for the future of open-source AI