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Abhishek Gupta

Principal Developer Advocate | Amazon Web Services

About Talk

Write your Kubernetes Infrastructure as Go code with CDK for Kubernetes (cdk8s)

The combination of Containers and Kubernetes has emerged as a de-facto standard for packaging, deploying and orchestrating applications. But the reality is that Kubernetes app development workflows and specifications are dominated by YAML config which become harder to manage and maintain over time. Solutions such as Helm, Kustomize etc. help relieve some of the pain, but at the end of the day, they too are YAML-centric. 

What if you could just write Go code to define Kubernetes applications? 

This talk will provide an overview of cdk8s and it’s workflow, how to define your first cdk8s application and building reusable components called “constructs”. You will also see “cdk8s in action” with demos! All of this will be done using Go, which has first-class support in cdk8s.

TRACK: Developers' Meet

20 Oct 2023 | Time: 04:00-04:30

About Speaker

Abhishek enjoys working at the intersection of Databases, Go and Cloud Native ecosystem. Currently, he works as a Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services (AWS), but over the course of his career he has worn multiple hats including engineering, consulting and product management. Before this, at Microsoft he was a Product Manager for Azure Cosmos DB and also had an amazing time as a Developer Advocate in the Developer Relations team, where he mostly worked with Apache Kafka, Redis and other data products on Azure.