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Abhijit Kulkarni

Senior Software Engineer | Intel corporation

About Talk

Unleashing Java Performance: Harnessing Data Parallelism with the Java Vector API

Data parallelism is a critical technique for achieving high-performance computing in modern applications, especially those dealing with large datasets and computational workloads. The Java Vector API, introduced as part of Project Panama, represents a significant advancement in the Java ecosystem, providing developers with a powerful toolset to harness the full potential of data parallelism on multicore processors and vectorized hardware.

This abstract explores the Java Vector API and its role in enabling data parallelism in Java applications. It delves into the core concepts of the API, including vectorization, vector data types, and operations, highlighting its ability to efficiently process data in parallel, making it ideal for tasks like scientific simulations, image processing, and machine learning.

We will discuss the advantages of using the Java Vector API, such as improved performance, reduced development effort, and platform portability. Additionally, this abstract will touch upon how it seamlessly integrates into the Java ecosystem, making it accessible to a broad audience of Java developers.

Furthermore, practical examples and case studies will be presented to illustrate how the Java Vector API can be applied to real-world scenarios, demonstrating its potential to accelerate computationally intensive tasks and enhance the overall efficiency of Java applications.

At the end of the talk, audience would understand how data parallelism with the Java Vector API offers valuable insights into the world of high-performance computing in Java. It serves as a valuable resource for developers and researchers seeking to leverage the power of data parallelism in Java, opening up new possibilities for building faster and more efficient applications across various domains.

TRACK: Developers' Meet

20 Oct 2023 | Time: 12:30-01:00

About Speaker

Abhijit Kulkarni is a proficient Software Engineer with over 12 years of experience in software design and development across diverse domains such as Payments, Telecom and Aviation. His extensive Java experience along with strong problem-solving and analytical skills have been instrumental in delivering successful projects and solutions throughout his career. He is a Java and open source software enthusiast.