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Balaji Seetharaman

Balaji Seetharaman

Senior Software Engineer | Extreme Networks

About Talk

Building an End to End Data Engineering Project

TRACK: Developers' Meet

30 Sep 2022 | Time: 17:45 to 18:15

About Speaker

Balaji is a Senior Software Engineer working at Extreme Networks. He is IBM certified Quantum developer and Qiskit advocate. He is selected as one of the Top 200 creators as part of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program. He is Open Source Enthusiast, contributed to several Open Source Projects in Quantum Computing and Data Science. He is passionate about teaching new technology and making things simple and fun for the learners. He is Volunteer Teacher at Evidhyaloka, a non-profit organization that teaches rural Indian kids online.

Balaji is always up for discussing Computer Networking, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Teaching methodologies, Volunteer Teaching